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Are you guys delivering during the lock down?

Yes. All deliveries will be made as usual. You will receive a tracking number in 24 hours and the delivery in 1-4 days depending where you are in the country. The only difference is all deliveries will be contact-less from now on, your parcels will simply be left at the front door.

Where are you guys shipping from?

We are shipping from 3 Porters Avenue, Auckland, New Zealand. That's why we can get to you in such a short time frame.


Can Elephant® be used on leather?

Absolutely! Car Wash Elephant® is designed for everything inside the car including your leather. It also leaves your leather with a nice shine.

Does it remove makeup?

100%. Just not the ones on faces. Car Wash Elephant® removes all kinds of makeup stains including Face Primer, Foundation, BB Cream, Concealer, Highlighter and Lip Sticks. (And more but that's all the make ups I know)

Will it work on house hold upholstery?

Elephant® Foam Cleaner is not just for cars despite the name. It also works for couches, carpets, tables and fabric etc.

Can you give us a full list of what it works on?

Tough question here since Elephant® works on so many products. You can use Elephant® Foam Cleaner to clean vinyl, carpet, velour, leather trim, cloth and fabric seats, mats, upholstery, couches, dashboards, plastic and more.

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